IndiaLord Cornwallis Monument - Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Dal Lake: Beauty of Kashmir

I love to visit Dal again. Here are few pictures of Dal Lake:

Images of Patna Museum taken from Samsung Galaxy Y (S5360)

These pictures are taken from an entry level Android Phone named Samsung Galaxy y. I did not expected for such good quality.

You may re-use these pictures. These are released under Creative Commons by-sa 3.0.
Patna Museum 

Patna Museum 

Patna Museum

Three images of Patna Museum. Taken from Samsung Galaxy y (Young) S5360. I am impressed with the quality of the images. 

Patna Zoo :: 2011/09/17


Patna Zoo :: 2011/09/17, a set on Flickr.

Yesterday I have visited Patna Zoo, second time this year. Here are some pictures.

Via Flickr:
Pictures from Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan, Patna.

I lost PR3 and joined "India against corruption"

Its surprising to see after a log time when I visited my blog and found that that it is accidentally set to be private. Of course by me. :( Sorry guys for all these. Well one more thing I lost is Google PR. The PageRank of is now 2, which was 3 just before 2 weeks.

Well, I am busy these days about building my services site which will be in front of you in a few days. I am also planning to launch a forum which will cover almost every topic which are family friendly. If you have any comment regarding this please contact me at anand[at]

The another big changes in my town is ANNA HAZARE's movement (India against Corruption). I am actively participating in the movement and wishes my followers and friends also support Mr Hazare and me too...

I hope the mission will be successful in near future and we will build a corruption free nation.

Thanks for all the mails and replies. God bless you!